4th Gen RO System

We deal in UV Purifier, RO Purifier, Hard Water Softner, DM Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant

RO -

Reverse Osmosis is a Latest Technology to remove all excess total dissolved solids , Chemicals from water upto 95%. it removes bacteria & Viruses to a level of 99% . it restores the origanal taste and quality of water.

The Diameter of RO membranc is less than 0.0001 micron (which is 5,00,000 times less than the diameter of our hair) due to this it removes 90% Total Dissolved solids from water thus prevents you from Diseases like- Kidney, Stone,Heart Disease ,Cancer,Constipation, Piles, Hapetites, Joints Pain, Viral & Bacterial, Diseases
Hyundai RO Open Flow RO Domestic RO
200 Ltr.Industrial RO Astroboy RO Crystal Dew
Merlin TRO-208 TW 003
TW- 004 WM-103 WM-104