Services Offered :

AMC,Repairs andServices of any type of Power Product.

We can also design,develop and manufacture customized Power Systems as per specific requirement of the coustomer





  •   The contract pertains to the breakdown maintenance of the said systems installed at Your Branch. The contract will commence fromand shall be       valid for  one year from the said date.
  •   The Annual Maintenance Contract amount for one year. Amount shall be paid on advance basis.
  •   The contract pertains only to the maintenance of UPS system with  Spares, but will not include main transformer of UPS  and accessories like       cables,  batteries, fuses and cooling fan etc. The cost of maintenance of batteries shall be borne by the customer.
  •   We shall visit the customer once a quarter for preventive maintenance, as and when required for breakdown.
  •   Barring unforeseen circumstances best efforts will be made us to attend the faults within 06 hours of the receipt of written complaint on working      day, in   Indore and within 24 hours in out stations.
  •   The customer will permit complete access to the system if necessary even after working hours and on a holiday to enable us to meet the       obligations of the      contract during visit. But In case of a major breakdown of the system we will provide standby system to the customer so that       the working of office should not      be affected, please note that the stand by system may not be of same capacity.
  •   We will not liable at any time for any damage, which occurs to the system as a result of transfer of the system by the customer to another      location/premise   without the approval form us or assistance by us.
  •   In the event the customer wishing to transfer the system to some other site, our engineer at mutual convenience of the customer will effect the      movement.        
  •   We will not liable at any time for any damage, which occurs to the system as a result of misuse, alterations, additions, and modifications of any       sort made to      the system without prior written consent from us.
  •   The customer may terminate this contract at any time by informing us of their intention to do so. However no entitlement for refund of      compensation will      occur to the customer for the unutilized period of the contract.
  •   Our liability is restricted to the maintenance and satisfactory working of the system only and it excludes all other liabilities including consequential      damages such as act of god, fire, storm, earthquake, explosion, strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes, civil commotion riots, accidents etc.
  •   We will not be liable to supply spares or replacement parts in the event of war or changes in Government Policy such as refusal to provide      appropriate lines,      or imposition of sanctions etc., which render it impossible for us to obtain the requisite materials/parts/components spares      etc. needed.
  •   We will not be held liable at any time to honor the contract if it is found that the customer does not house the system, in proper environment      condition   specified and recommended by us for effective functioning of the system.
  •   We will not be liable at any time to cover damage under the said contract if such damages are caused by a third party who has made the use of      the system  unless an agreement or understanding to this effect has been reached by the customer and us at the time of entering in to the      contract.
  •   The contract will be considered nil and void if the customer permits a third party to undertake repairs/servicing etc., unless prior consent has been       obtained  from us to this effect in writing.
  •   In case the maintenance contract is not renewed before the expiry period, we shall first ensure that the system is fully operational before entering      in to a new      maintenance contract or agreement. If the system is not operational, then it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay the      actual repair cost quoted by      us before the actual annual maintenance Commences.