Business Partners

Do you like the products you have seen in our website ? Do you want to join us as become one of our dealers , so you can enjoy the discount benefits & the high quality of service that we offer you. Are you interested in becoming a part of Innovative solution Group ? If you are interested in starting your own business or If you opened a related business then our dealership program may be of your Interest to you.

To Become a Dealar

Go through our general requirement s & qualification for new Innovative solutions Dealar.

General Requirement for Dealership:-

1. Type of Dealership                                      :Non Exclusive Dealership

2. Infrastructure Requirements

Telephone and Mobile                                      :Require
Internet and E-mail                                          :Not compulsory
Man Power                                                       :One Sales Executives
Display of Product                                            :Facility for display of Product

3. Statutory Registration :-

Registration for sales                                       : Required
CST Registration                                               :Required

4. Financial Requirement:-

Security Deposit                                               :Not Applicable
First Purchase                                                  :Rs 50000/-
Min. Order Value                                               :Rs 25000 ( Order below 25000/- , on handling
charges of Rs                                                   :200/- per Invoice will be charged Extra )

5. Training for Marketing                               :Will be given to the Dealer Staff if required by                                                                          them.

6.Validity of Appointment                               :For One Year ( Will be renewed on muatually                                                                          agreement Basis)

7. Monthly Turnover ( Target)                       :Rs 1 lacs / Month ( To be achieved within 6                                                                          Month of Dealar Appoinment

8. Service Center                                            :If possible One Technical qualified technician                                                                          can be kept. And If you give us a sales of Rs                                                                          1.5 lacs P.M. then we reimbursed the                                                                          salary of Rs 4000 towards your technical Staff.


If you would like to submit your resume for consideration when positions become available ,
please E-mail us to